CS Learning Pathways


Our team creates personalized packages to meet the employee wellness goals of each corporation. Below you will find course examples aimed at helping businesses to thrive by being able to care for their mental health, manage stress and burnout, support strong teams, and develop a trauma-informed workplace.

Time and Energy Management

Time and energy management is essential to healthy functioning for leaders and their teams. This course covers various strategies to help in both realms.

Superpowers of sleep, stress and self-care

This course focuses on research around stress and sleep, and how we can use self-care to help us thrive.

Compassion to Support Passion

This workshop will talk about the science behind this connection and action steps we can take to build our capacity for compassion.

Saying Goodbye to our "Unpaid Coworkers"

This workshop normalizes the shift and explores ways to maintain work/life balance as we build a “new normal.”

The Basics of Stress and Our Brains

This workshop teaches how stress
shows up and can impact our mental and physical health as well as identifying our stress responses and finding healthy ways to retrain our brains.

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CS Learning provides mission-driven learning for our colleagues and community that create opportunities for transformational growth and development.

I don’t know where I’d be without the help of Community Solutions. It provides me with stability. It means having support and people who believe in me. [Today] I am going to school. I am respecting myself. I am appreciating myself more.

Melanie, age 19, FSP-TAY Program

I no longer feel alone. I know I have an entire community that is ready to support me if I need it in the future.

Marta, age 40, Solutions to Violence

There's a lot of good things happening here. And I'm living proof of that. Change is possible.

John, age 49, FSP Criminal Justice Services Program

My grandson and my entire family would not have made it through this trying time without you. We were so lost and you helped us through.

Gloria, age 50, FIRST 5