Client Stories


Ophelia survived strangulation but was still hurting. Thanks to you, she is healing and feels more in control of her life

Just 15 years old, Ophelia is a survivor of intimate partner abuse, sexual assault and strangulation. “My life was toxic, gray, and I was in limbo. I didn’t want to tell anyone or talk to anyone,” says Ophelia. “My school staff discovered my injuries and called the police, I was taken to the hospital. Then I stopped going to school.”...

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Thanks to you, Laura isn't afraid to go home anymore. Your support gave her safe shelter and a path forward free of violence.

Laura was scared and anxious when she walked into our office on a Friday afternoon. She was too afraid to go back home and had nowhere else to turn. Thanks to you and your generosity, Laura was able to get immediate safe shelter and the support that she needed – both legal and emotional – to permanently escape from her...

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Abuse left Matilda feeling like everyone was against her. Thank you for helping her heal and reengage with her life

25-year-old Matilda had just escaped emotional, psychological and physical abuse from her ex-partner. Now, she was constantly worried something bad was going to happen. She was struggling with isolation, irritability, lack of trust in others, loss of interest in activities, and difficulty concentrating. “Estaba a la defensive y sentia que todos estaban en contra mia. Sentia que algo no esta...

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Mia was trapped by her mental illness. Thank you for freeing her to live again

Mia was in her first year of college when she went from being a high functioning, straight-A student to being in a catatonic state. She experienced obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) behaviors that kept her trapped in her room for days on end with little food or water. Thanks to you and your support, when Mia reached out for help, she got the...

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"I don't know if I would have been able to leave. I'm still haunted by the statistic where women return to their abuser."

“Life was hard, but I didn’t know any better,” says 35-year-old Yasmin. “I feel like I was too close to that lifestyle [of abuse] that I did not recognize there was a problem. I didn’t have the confidence or belief that I could leave and that I deserved to be treated better.” Yasmin’s friend, Maria, told her about Community Solutions...

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Homeless and addicted, Jim didn't think he was worth helping. Thank you for believing in Jim until he could believe in himself.

“I was homeless, sleeping on the sidewalk,” says 52-year-old Jim, “I didn’t eat, and I was on the most amount of drugs.” At the time, Jim was also struggling  with untreated mental health and medical conditions. Though he was offered housing and mental health care, Jim struggled to engage. “I just couldn’t understand why they chose me to help, so...

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Christina thought she had lost everything. Thank you for helping this local mother rebuild her life free of violence.

Christina fled her abusive husband leaving behind their home, business and, reluctantly, her two daughters. It was a heart-wrenching decision but she had always been the sole target of the abuse and, without a home or income, she knew she couldn’t provide for her girls. What followed was a long court battle, including restraining orders, a foreclosure, and visitation courts....

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Andre felt trapped and hopeless. Thank you for helping this teen escape the "bubble" that was his anxiety.

Andre’s anxiety was so intense that he didn’t want to leave the house. He says he felt “trapped” and that his life was “a bubble I couldn’t escape.” Andre stopped going to school and avoided any social interactions aside from his mother. “[I was] in and out of the hospital and lost hope for living,” he says. Thanks to you...

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