Client Stories


16-year-old Mateo was facing felony charges for theft. Thank you for giving him the support he needed to make better life choices!

We first met 16-year-old Mateo during intake for our partner program, the Santa Clara County Youth Task Force Diversion Program. Mateo was facing felony charges for theft. “I was not paying attention to what my friends were really up to and it made me start behaving badly and being disrespectful to family and school adults,” he says. Our THRIVE youth...

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9-year-old Julio was making himself sick with worry. Thank you for helping him feel better and giving him lifelong coping skills!

Just 9 years old, Julio’s anxiety about COVID was making him physically sick. He had stomachaches, couldn’t sleep or concentrate, and was often upset, irritable and crying. “At school it was bad because I had a lot of worries, and sometimes I felt like I would vomit and would not eat my lunch,” he says. Julio started missing school and...

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Depression and anxiety left Clara failing out of school. Thank you for getting her mental health care in time!

As she struggled with depression and anxiety, 17-year-old Clara lost the motivation to do much of anything. She withdrew from her friends and family, and eventually stopped attending school. As a result, she was failing all her classes. Thanks to you, Clara was able to get the mental health care she needed before her symptoms became life-threatening. Your support provided...

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Thomas drank to quiet the mean voices. Your gift of mental health care saved his life!

“The voices would tell me not to say anything and they were mean,” says 57-year-old Thomas. It’s why he never told anyone about them. Instead he turned to alcohol to quiet the voices. The drinking led to bad choices and eventually to jail. Thomas would serve his time, sober up, get released, then relapse and repeat the cycle again… and...

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A local family was torn apart by mental illness. Your generosity brought them back together!

Thanks to the generosity of caring individuals like you, Tamica got the mental health care she so desperately needed. Here is what she has to say:       “Hello, this is Tamica, a “client” of Community Solutions. I wanted to take the time to express my gratitude to your program for everything Community Solutions have been a part of...

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Cynthia and Luca

She wanted a better life for her son. Thank you for making that possible!

4-year-old Luca was struggling with anger. Early exposure to domestic violence and his parents’ substance use was causing big behavioral challenges. Luca’s mom, Cynthia, left his father and moved the pair to a residential treatment center to begin recovery. But all the changes were causing Luca to get worse. Your support ensured that Luca had access to mental health services...

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Marina & Joya

They were freed from trafficking but still not safe. Thank you for giving Marina and Joya safe shelter and a path forward free of violence!

When the sex trafficker brought Marina to a local hotel, she took the chance to ask the staff for help. Though finally free after two years of  captivity, Marina and her young daughter, Joya, still feared for their lives and felt utterly alone. Marina’s trafficker was accidentally released from jail, and she was terrified of what he would do when...

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