Client Stories


Mia was trapped by her mental illness. Thank you for freeing her to live again

Mia was in her first year of college when she went from being a high functioning, straight-A student to being in a catatonic state. She experienced obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) behaviors that kept her trapped in her room for days on end with little food or water. Thanks to you and your support, when Mia reached out for help, she got the...

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"I don't know if I would have been able to leave. I'm still haunted by the statistic where women return to their abuser."

“Life was hard, but I didn’t know any better,” says 35-year-old Yasmin. “I feel like I was too close to that lifestyle [of abuse] that I did not recognize there was a problem. I didn’t have the confidence or belief that I could leave and that I deserved to be treated better.” Yasmin’s friend, Maria, told her about Community Solutions...

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Homeless and addicted, Jim didn't think he was worth helping. Thank you for believing in Jim until he could believe in himself.

“I was homeless, sleeping on the sidewalk,” says 52-year-old Jim, “I didn’t eat, and I was on the most amount of drugs.” At the time, Jim was also struggling  with untreated mental health and medical conditions. Though he was offered housing and mental health care, Jim struggled to engage. “I just couldn’t understand why they chose me to help, so...

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Christina thought she had lost everything. Thank you for helping this local mother rebuild her life free of violence.

Christina fled her abusive husband leaving behind their home, business and, reluctantly, her two daughters. It was a heart-wrenching decision but she had always been the sole target of the abuse and, without a home or income, she knew she couldn’t provide for her girls. What followed was a long court battle, including restraining orders, a foreclosure, and visitation courts....

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Andre felt trapped and hopeless. Thank you for helping this teen escape the "bubble" that was his anxiety.

Andre’s anxiety was so intense that he didn’t want to leave the house. He says he felt “trapped” and that his life was “a bubble I couldn’t escape.” Andre stopped going to school and avoided any social interactions aside from his mother. “[I was] in and out of the hospital and lost hope for living,” he says. Thanks to you...

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You made sure Maria was not left alone and afraid. Thank you for helping her heal and move forward!

Maria had only been in the U.S. for 10 months when she was sexually and physically assaulted by a co-worker. Though she reported the assault, Maria was afraid to accept help because she was undocumented. She felt very scared and all alone. Thanks to you and your generosity, Maria was connected to a team of compassionate sexual assault advocates who...

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Thank you for giving Jorge a second chance in life!

“I was extremely lonely, angry, and deep into my addiction to alcohol,” says 26-year-old Jorge. He was in and out of the hospital almost every weekend, had lost his job, and was facing  issues with the law. Jorge was extremely depressed and considering suicide. Thanks to you and your support, Jorge finally received the comprehensive mental health care he needed....

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6-year-old Olivia was afraid to go to school. Thanks to you, she just finished the year successfully!

6-year-old Olivia was so afraid of her class’s teacher’s aide that she refused to go to school. By the time we met her, she had already missed months of school. Her mother, Rosa, learned to homeschool Olivia but didn’t know what else to do. “It was so hard not knowing how to help her,” said Rosa. Thanks to you, when...

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Conner was so anxious he would cry every morning before school. Thank you for giving him the mental health care he so desperately wanted and needed.

Anxiety kept 14-year-old Conner up at night and left him crying in the morning before school. He struggled just to get through each day. Conner was failing his classes and was angry and irritable with his family and friends. Conner knew he needed help and asked his mom to find him mental health care. Thanks to you, when Conner reached...

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Salma & Sofia

Salma's abuser retaliated by taking her daughter away. Thank you for giving her safe shelter and helping her reunite with little Sofia.

Salma was tired, terrified and feeling hopeless when she arrived at our domestic violence shelter. And she was very angry, too. She had reported her abuser to the police but he retaliated by filing a restraining order against her. Salma was already struggling with homelessness and occasional drug use — encouraged by her abuser. The legal action against her triggered the...

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