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Abuse left Matilda feeling like everyone was against her. Thank you for helping her heal and reengage with her life

25-year-old Matilda had just escaped emotional, psychological and physical abuse from her ex-partner. Now, she was constantly worried something bad was going to happen.

She was struggling with isolation, irritability, lack of trust in others, loss of interest in activities, and difficulty concentrating. “Estaba a la defensive y sentia que todos estaban en contra mia. Sentia que algo no esta bien conmigo. (I was very defensive, I felt like everyone was against me. I felt like there was something wrong with me),” she says.

Thanks to you and your support, a team of caring advocates was ready to help Matilda with therapy services, legal advocacy, and much more. You helped Matilda heal from the violence and learn to approach her new life with confidence.

“[He aprendido] cómo manejar mi ansiedad, depresión y desafiar mis errores en el pensamiento. He aprendido que tengo el control de mi vida y de cualquier situación. (I have learned how to manage my anxiety, depression, and challenge my thinking errors. I have learned that I have control of my life and any situation),” says Matilda.

“Before, Matilda wasn’t able to participate in any social gatherings due to her anxiety, and this year she was able to enjoy and celebrate her son’s second birthday party with family and friends,” says her therapist.

Today, Matilda is more self-confident, smiling and full of life. “Pude recuperarme a mí mismo, a mi poder y a mi familia. (I was able to recover my own self, my power and my family),” she says.

Thank you for helping Matilda — and to so many other survivors like her — find lasting safety and healing. What a gift, indeed!

“I was able to recover my own self, my power and my family.” – Matilda, age 25

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