Client Stories


Laura isn't afraid to go home anymore. Thank you for giving her safe shelter and a path forward free of violence!

Laura was scared and anxious when she walked into our office on a Friday afternoon. She was too afraid to go back home and had nowhere else to turn.

Thanks to you, Laura was able to get immediate safe shelter and the support that she needed – both legal and emotional – to permanently escape from her abuser.

Laura sat down that day with a trained and caring advocate. Together, they created a safety plan for Laura, which included safe shelter so she would not have to risk returning home to the abuser.

The court process for securing the restraining order was nerve-wracking for Laura. She was relieved to have her advocate by her side the entire time. And when the judge granted her restraining order, she glowed with relief.

At the age of 43 and after 20 years of being secluded and controlled in her marriage, Laura is finally able to enjoy her freedom. Laura now walks with her head tall and feels proud. She says, “I am more confident. I can dress how I want, go out when I want and be social. I have friends now and I can openly speak to them.”

“It was hard for me to seek help, since in my culture, women need to abide by men,” says Laura. “I will never go back to that lifestyle and I am happy with my new life.”

Thank you for helping Laura — and so many other women like her — escape domestic violence safely!







Names and images have been changed to protect client confidentiality