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Homeless and addicted, Jim didn't think he was worth helping. Thank you for believing in Jim until he could believe in himself.

“I was homeless, sleeping on the sidewalk,” says 52-year-old Jim, “I didn’t eat, and I was on the most amount of drugs.” At the time, Jim was also struggling  with untreated mental health and medical conditions.

Though he was offered housing and mental health care, Jim struggled to engage. “I just couldn’t understand why they chose me to help, so I didn’t take it so serious,” he says.

But thanks to you and your generosity, Jim received support from a mental health treatment team who just wouldn’t give up on him. “I just wanted to believe in him so he could start believing in himself,” says his rebab counselor, Tara. “I think it’s working,” she adds.

Tara’s ultimate goal was to build a trustworthy rapport with Jim. She was persistent, with frequent home visits and phone calls to provide support and hold Jim accountable. “Jim thrives when somebody shows genuine interest, is consistent, and just shows up,” she says.

To help Jim maintain his housing, Tara engaged in, modeled, and encouraged a positive relationship with the property management. Today, Jim’s landlord says, “Jim is the best tenant and the nicest guy. I wish all of my tenants were as flexible and forthcoming as he is.”

Today, Jim is happy, safely housed and checks in with his treatment team multiple times per week. Thanks to you, Jim now says, “I am worth taking care of myself today,  because I am more responsible like that.” Thank you for caring for Jim and helping him see his own worth!

Thank you for helping Jim and so many other adults in crisis like him get the care and support they need to find recovery, safety and healing. What a gift!

“This program means my life. If my story can help somebody else, then I want to help.” – Jim

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