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Isabel tried to shut out the world. Thank you for helping her feel safe enough to reconnect!

25-year old Isabel was sex-trafficked from her teen years into her early 20s. Though now free to live her life, she felt trapped by fear and lived mostly in isolation with her three young kids.

The trauma Isabel experienced while trafficked made it hard for her to connect with others. She was afraid to talk to anyone so she kept to herself. “I was fearful of everything,” she says. “I tried to shut out the world.”

Thanks to you, Isabel and her children found safety at our confidential shelter for survivors of violence. While there, Isabel received much
needed therapy and support services designed specifically to help survivors of human trafficking feel safe again.

As she began to feel more secure and started engaging with the shelter staff, Isabel gained more confidence. She slowly began to find her voice
and use it to advocate for herself and her children. “Everyone here helped me to keep moving forward,” says Isabel. “They pushed me to do
things that would better my life.”

Thanks to you, Isabel is not afraid anymore. She now believes that she is capable of doing things on her own. That includes getting an apartment of her own, where she and her kids are happy today.

“When I first came here, I came with nothing. I was devastated. But with services and therapy I have learned that I have a voice and I have value,” says Isabel.

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Names and images have been changed to protect client confidentiality