Client Stories


Depression and anxiety left Clara failing out of school. Thank you for getting her mental health care in time!

As she struggled with depression and anxiety, 17-year-old Clara lost the motivation to do much of anything. She withdrew from her friends and family, and eventually stopped attending school. As a result, she was failing all her classes.

Thanks to you, Clara was able to get the mental health care she needed before her symptoms became life-threatening. Your support provided Clara with a therapist and case manager, both trained specifically to help struggling youth and teens.

Clara says that just having someone to talk to helped her a lot. But perhaps more important, she learned healthy new coping skills, such as relaxation techniques, listening to music or simply taking a break from her busy day to pause and take a deep breath.

Today, Clara is using these skills to manage her depression and anxiety better. She doesn’t isolate as much anymore. Instead, she is trying to socialize more with others and is motivated to graduate high school.

“I learned to not be so anxious,” she says. “I am trying to engage more with others, going outside more, and trying my best in school.” Thank  you for making this possible!






Names and images have been changed to protect client confidentiality