Client Stories


Andre felt trapped and hopeless. Thank you for helping this teen escape the "bubble" that was his anxiety.

Andre’s anxiety was so intense that he didn’t want to leave the house. He says he felt “trapped” and that his life was “a bubble I couldn’t escape.”

Andre stopped going to school and avoided any social interactions aside from his mother. “[I was] in and out of the hospital and lost hope for living,” he says.

Thanks to you and your support, when Andre’s mom reached out for help, Andre was able to get the intensive mental health care he needed right here in our community.

At first, Andre’s anxiety was so bad that he even avoided his treatment team. It took several months for him to meet with them face to face, instead of by phone or Zoom.

In therapy, Andre learned to recognize and redirect his negative thoughts. He learned healthy coping skills to help him stay calm when anxious, including using positive affirmations and words of encouragement.

With the support of his treatment team, Andre engaged in gradual exposure, starting with short walks around his neighborhood, then working up to making small talk with people, going to the park, and eventually achieving his biggest goal yet – going to Great America!

Thanks to you, Andre is more hopeful and relaxed today. While he still has some challenges, he has returned to school and work, and he feels the worst is behind him.

Thank you for giving Andre and so many other youth like him the the critical mental health care he needed to reengage with life, connect with his community, and develop essential skills for a lifetime of mental wellness. What a gift! 

“Most importantly, I’m talking to people outside my bubble and looking forward to what the future has for me.” – Andre





Names and images have been changed to protect client confidentiality