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She wasn't ready ... until she was

24-year-old Ana walked through our doors already doubting herself. She still hoped her abuser would change. Maybe things would get better and they could make things work for the sake of their toddler son.

Ana didn’t file a restraining order that day. Or the next time she came in. Or the time after that. But thanks to you, she got help every single time she reached out.

Your support was so critical for Ana who, like many victims of domestic violence, was not ready or able to leave her abusive home the first time she reached out.

Thanks to you, Ana was able to sit with an advocate to do a danger assessment and safety plan. When she was ready to leave six months later, that advocate helped her file a restraining order.

Ana later shared that she had lived with domestic violence as a child, so the abuse seemed normal to her. “I was going through the domestic violence cycle and didn’t identify myself as a victim. I didn’t accept that this was happening to me.”

She shared that she probably wouldn’t have followed through with her decision to leave if she hadn’t had support right from the start. “I valued your support when I was going through all that,” she says. “You explained the process clearly. When you went to court with me, I felt supported knowing you were there. If you hadn’t been there, I would’ve been so lost and not known what to do.

I now see myself as a survivor. I want others to learn from my story.”

You can provide safety and hope to a family like Ana’s.
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All names changed to protect client confidentiality