Client Stories


Thanks to you, Walter finally found health, stability and a new life off the streets

“I was in and out of the hospital … I was homeless, spending time with the wrong crowd,” says 62-year old Walter. “Had Community Solutions not found me, I would probably be dead.”

Often homeless and sleeping on park benches, Walter struggled to comply with mental health treatment or maintain sobriety. When provided with housing, he found the transition difficult. He struggled to connect with others and often ended up in trouble.

But your support changed that. By providing Walter with care in all areas of his life at once – from mental and physical health care to support for his sobriety to daily living and communication skills – you helped Walter finally thrive.

With 1-to-1 support and group therapy, Walter learned to  think rationally before acting on impulse. He learned to follow rules, to be an active listener, and to be mindful of others. Walter also began to set boundaries with others and to prioritize his own needs and personal safety. “When I have a problem, I talk to my team who help me stay level-headed and avoid getting into trouble,” he says.

“Community Solutions believed in me,” says Walter. And by Community Solutions, he means you. Thank you for quite literally saving Walter’s life!


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Names and images have been changed to protect client confidentiality