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The biggest battle you helped her win: 15-year-old Vanessa tells you her survivor's story

“My life was nothing,” says Vanessa. “I felt like my life was falling apart … like I wasn’t going to get out of the hole that the perpetrator put me in. This was my neighbor that hurt me, he was one of the kids’ dad.

Before getting help, my mindset was very blank. I felt lost and also felt like my whole world was spinning like a tornado that seemed to be everlasting. The way I viewed myself was chaotic, lost and a mess.

When I first started my sessions, I was very mad, sad, confused, unmotivated, and I also felt guilty because I thought things were my
fault. Now I know that I never asked for any of this. And I know that none of us did. It wasn’t our choice although it should’ve been.

Later on I started to do self-care through art with a group of welcoming and not judgy people. They never forced us to share, it was always optional.

Before, my anger used to get the best of me so I would act on my emotions and then later regret it and think of the ways I could have done things differently.

With the help of my therapy and peer counseling, I found meditation, breathing exercises and journaling as an outlet for stress and anger. I found many other positive outlets for me to use such as reading, painting, and now poetry to help express myself in the moment and to not bottle up my emotions.

It’s hard for me to express my gratitude with words to this program but I hope everyone who is going through or has gone through something like me, I hope you’ll find this program as helpful and amazing as me.”

The Battle by Vanessa
The biggest battle you’ll ever have
Will shock you
Not because of the subject
And not because of the people you think will be there
But because the only person you’re battling
Is yourself

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Names and images have been changed to protect client confidentiality