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A local teen was severely depressed and had thoughts of suicide. You quite literally saved his life!

15-year-old Seth had convinced himself that he was a bad person who wasn’t worthy of friendship or love. He thought he didn’t deserve to live and began to self-harm. Seth’s mother feared for his safety.

“At the time, I felt like I did not deserve to live. I convinced myself that I was a very bad person when it came to friendships and relationships,” says 15-year-old Seth. During COVID, my grades started to drop. I eventually turned to self-harm.”

Without professional care Seth’s depression and self-harm would have only worsened. Left untreated, it could have become life-threatening. Seth says, “I could not stop and I was out of my mind and felt crazy/weird.”

Thanks to you and your generosity, Seth got the help he needed for his depression. He is alive and well today because you provided him with life-saving therapy and other critical mental health care resources.

Seth was initially skeptical about therapy and needed a lot of prompting to participate. He shares, “[I thought] that this would be a huge waste of time and I would eventually slip and fall and take my own life. [I had heard] from friends that therapy did not help them and that it would not work for me.”

But with continuous support from his treatment team, Seth became more comfortable. He shares, “Guided meditation has helped me to sleep and calm down, sitting with feelings helps me remind myself that it is okay to feel this way.”

Seth was improving but then had to face the challenge of returning to in-person school. “Going back to a new high school face-to-face, being unfamiliar with staff and not knowing anyone there was hard and was a main stressor for my relapsing thoughts of suicide,” says Seth.

Your generosity ensured Seth had support the whole way. He shares, “The one sentence that has always has stuck with me was when [my therapist] told me ‘it’s been a week’, and helped me realize I had made a friend at school in less than a week and that I would get through this, and [her] optimism helped me.”

Today, Seth says, “I am optimistic, clean from self-harm for 7 months, and I am loved by family and friends.”

Wow! You quite literally saved Seth’s life. Thank you!


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Names and images have been changed to protect client confidentiality