Client Stories


You made sure Maria was not left alone and afraid. Thank you for helping her heal and move forward!

Maria had only been in the U.S. for 10 months when she was sexually and physically assaulted by a co-worker. Though she reported the assault, Maria was afraid to accept help because she was undocumented. She felt very scared and all alone.

Thanks to you and your generosity, Maria was connected to a team of compassionate sexual assault advocates who provided a confidential space where she eventually felt safe enough to share. Your support provided peer counseling, therapy, court accompaniment, and even financial assistance to help Maria get back on her feet.

Despite assurances of confidentiality, Maria was initially afraid to share or trust the help she was offered due to her immigration status. But her advocate didn’t give up. She checked in with Maria regularly and slowly built a rapport. And she sat with Maria in court for every hearing as her case proceeded.

When Maria was laid off from her job shortly after the assault, her advocate connected her to a housing program for assistance with rent and bills as well as workshops for budgeting and other life skills.

Maria says the program taught her that she is not alone and that it’s okay to receive help. Initially timid and afraid to speak up, Maria is now motivated, empowered and confident in her own skin. She will speak up and not stay quiet when something is not okay.

Thanks to you, Maria is no longer alone and living in fear. You helped her reclaim her sense of safety and her life!

Thank you for giving Maria and so many other survivors like her the safety, care and connection they need to begin to heal and live their lives without fear!

“[I learned] there are people out there who really want good for you and who want to help you succeed.” – Maria





Names and images have been changed to protect client confidentiality