Client Stories


9-year-old Julio was making himself sick with worry. Thank you for helping him feel better and giving him lifelong coping skills!

Just 9 years old, Julio’s anxiety about COVID was making him physically sick. He had stomachaches, couldn’t sleep or concentrate, and was often upset, irritable and crying.

“At school it was bad because I had a lot of worries, and sometimes I felt like I would vomit and would not eat my lunch,” he says. Julio started missing school and his grades were dropping.

Thanks to you, when Julio’s worried mom reached out for help, they were able to get support right here in our community. Your support provided Julio with mental health care designed specifically to help struggling kids. With the guidance of a trained and caring treatment team, Julio soon learned healthy coping skills to calm his anxiety before it made him sick.

While initially very shy and anxious, Julio soon became engaged in all the fun new activities. He learned to calm his anxiety with deep breathing, mindfulness, positive affirmations, and even playing with slime!

He now uses these healthy coping skills without prompting. “I now use calming techniques like deep breathing, mindfulness, positive affirmations and self-talk,” says Julio.

Before, Julio wouldn’t even play soccer with the neighborhood kids for fear of getting sick from COVID. Now, he is attending school regularly and playing with his friends again.

Julio is happier, more engaged and motivated today because of you! Thank you for helping Julio and other local kids like him!






Names and images have been changed to protect client confidentiality