Client Stories


Thank you for giving Jorge a second chance in life!

“I was extremely lonely, angry, and deep into my addiction to alcohol,” says 26-year-old Jorge. He was in and out of the hospital almost every weekend, had lost his job, and was facing  issues with the law. Jorge was extremely depressed and considering suicide.

Thanks to you and your support, Jorge finally received the comprehensive mental health care he needed. He was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and PTSD, and received treatment for these conditions as well as for his alcohol addiction.

Jorge began receiving outpatient care but his treatment team quickly saw that he needed more help. They helped him get into a short-term residential care home where he was able to stay sober and focus on his mental health.  With therapy, case management and medication support, Jorge’s mood stabilized while he learned new, healthy strategies to better manage his mental health.

“I learned that people do care about me and that I am not alone. I now do not feel judged or embarrassed to ask others for help, and [I] understand how to use community resources,” says Jorge.

Thanks to you, Jorge is now sober, happy and feeling thankful for what he considers a chance at a new life. He is looking forward to using what he has learned to help others.

Thank you for giving Jorge — and so many other struggling adults like him —  a second chance in life!

“I learned that people do care about me, and that I am not alone.” – Jorge





Names and images have been changed to protect client confidentiality