Client Stories


Conner was so anxious he would cry every morning before school. Thank you for giving him the mental health care he so desperately wanted and needed.

Anxiety kept 14-year-old Conner up at night and left him crying in the morning before school. He struggled just to get through each day. Conner was failing his classes and was angry and irritable with his family and friends.

Conner knew he needed help and asked his mom to find him mental health care.

Thanks to you, when Conner reached out for help, he was able to get the mental health care he so desperately needed. And his mom was grateful to find that care right here in our community.

In therapy, Conner found a safe space to talk about his challenges, thoughts, and feelings. He learned healthy coping skills to manage and  reduce his anxiety. He especially liked practicing mindfulness to calm his racing thoughts.

We’re happy to share that Conner’s improvement has led him to excel in school this year! And his relationships with family and friends are stronger than ever.

“I sleep better. I get up on time better. I get my school work done in a timely manner. I go outside more. I hang around others more and my mood has greatly improved,” says Conner

Thank you for helping Conner get the critical mental health care that he so desperately wanted and needed. Thanks to you, he is feeling so much better today!

Thank you for giving Conner — and so many other hurting kids and teens —  the lifelong gift of mental health care!






Names and images have been changed to protect client confidentiality