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Adam & Lea

Thank you for helping Adam find a new home!

9-year-old Adam was struggling. “I was a bad kid and if someone got me mad I would get really angry and throw things at you and everywhere,” he says.

Then Adam’s mom, Lea, got sick with COVID and couldn’t work. Unable to pay rent, they stayed with family, then in their car, and sometimes in various motels. “Our life was scary,” says his mom.

Thanks to you, Adam not only got the help he so desperately needed, his family got a new home too! You gave this little boy the safety, stability and consistent support that changed his life.

Adam had been described as hyper, uncontrollable, defiant, irritable, and inattentive. “People kept saying he was a bad kid and it was hard finding someone to support him,” says his mom.

But your support provided a whole team ready to help with everything from therapy and psychiatric care for Adam to parenting support for his mom.

When his mom got sick with COVID, Adam’s team got them motel vouchers and helped with the paperwork so his mom wouldn’t lose her job. They connected the family to a housing program for homeless children and provided the deposit so the family could move into their new home. Adam now even has his own bedroom!

Thanks to you, Adam is so much happier today! He can express his needs without yelling or throwing things. He even helps his mom with household chores without being asked.

“You guys are wonderful and we would not be here today without you! Thank you!” says Lea.

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